Are you getting the most from your training?  Does your body feel tired and is it taking you longer to recover from your training sessions?  Perhaps its time to consider having a sports massage?  Deep tissue massages can help the body clear away toxins, aid in muscle recovery, assist with lactate removal, promote muscle fibre alignment and enhance performance.

RELAXATION MASSAGE - a gentle massage suitable for anyone wanting to have a little bit of 'me' time.  Your chance to simple turn off and shut out the world while you experience a relaxing and highly enjoyable full body massage.  FIND OUT MORE.....

Laura Howard, Personal Trainer, Henley-on-Thames, UK
Laura Howard, Personal Trainer, Henley-on-Thames
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Laura Howard, personal trainer, Henley on Thames, UK, TrainingMatters2u
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Being fit and healthy not only makes you feel great, it also means that everyday tasks are much easier to do.  You can run up the stairs without feeling out of breath, you can play with the children without feeling exhausted.  You can walk to the shops without having to take the car, waste petrol, fight for a parking space and sit in traffic when its time to leave.

You will feel more energetic, you reduce your chances of becoming ill, your clothes feel more comfortable, people comment on how healthy you are looking.  These are just a few of the possible benefits you get from incorporating activity within your week.  FIND OUT MORE...
"Thank you Laura for making the transition back
into exercise such an easy, fun and enjoyable journey" Anna
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Henley Running Group - EVERY TUESDAY EVENING
Laura is now a UKA run coach and has started a running group in Henley-on-Thames....Tuesday evenings 7pm from Henley Library, Waitrose Car Park, Henley.
- Sports Massage
  - Swedish Massage
  - Relaxation Massage

Appointment Times available are:
30 minutes
          45 minutes
          60 minutes

LOCATION: Physiolistic, 118 Greys Road, Henley
or Private Studio
or In your own home
Henley Running Group
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